Mid-Winter and Lebanese Pizza

One of the things I enjoy about living in the northeast is our distinct seasons. Winter, for example, can be difficult for me at times, but it can also be a season of awe and beauty. I was in the backyard today splitting a few logs for the evening’s heat when I glanced at myContinue reading “Mid-Winter and Lebanese Pizza”

Julia’s Omelet and My Big Decedent Frittata

I spent much of mid-day today in a reflective mood…after dropping my son off at his mother’s house I had the morning and afternoon to myself, before a family dinner engagement. I managed to take a nap, meditate, go for a good steam and swim, and read half of this book. As usual after aContinue reading “Julia’s Omelet and My Big Decedent Frittata”

Winter and Spicy Stew

Well, Buffalo’s climate is once again living up to its reputation. We got pelted with something like a foot of snow today (judging by the news, so did much of the rest of the northeast). I was out driving in it today (yes, I do use a vehicle now and again) and at points itContinue reading “Winter and Spicy Stew”

Backyard Bouillabaisse

I recently came across these photos on my old laptop and thought I’d post them. They’re at least a few years old pictures of when my son and I made bouillabaisse in our backyard. We basically dug a hole in the ground and started a fire. Then we put a pot on it and cookedContinue reading “Backyard Bouillabaisse”

Snowy Ride

I knew full well what I was getting myself into when I rode my bike to work this morning…the newscasters have been telling of this storm for a couple days…schools were closed this morning before it even hit. When I left at 7:00am it was overcast with just a few flakes in the air. HowContinue reading “Snowy Ride”

Autumnal Food and My First Snowy Ride on the Mundo

Bread For Thanksgiving Dinner I am truly blessed in that I have three lovely sisters who give me the day off on Thanksgiving. The only things that I am required to do are bring freshly baked bread and carve the bird. I know that my younger sister likes roast red pepper bread, so I usuallyContinue reading “Autumnal Food and My First Snowy Ride on the Mundo”

A Few Recipes, Thoughts, and a Couple Cartoons

100% Whole Wheat Bread: I’ve been playing around with a variation (simplification) of Peter Reinhart’s whole grain bread recipe. I find the idea of home made bread being made without too much fuss and it not occupying your time and thoughts very interesting. I much rather incorporate it into the rhythm of my day. ManyContinue reading “A Few Recipes, Thoughts, and a Couple Cartoons”

Pictures of Autumn

It’s easy to live simply in the city during the summer…there are no heating concerns, and vegetable gardens grow like weeds. But as the seasons march forward, things change. Autumn has always been, and still is, my favorite season. I had a few days off this past weekend and used the time to ready myselfContinue reading “Pictures of Autumn”